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    Good Evening RKO Members!
    Today I'm here to inform you guys that today has officially been the day that we are starting on Beta week. This means by at this current date, staff members will be working on improving the server of it's flaws to make sure that everything is going well. But this also means that you, the players can enjoy the server while we're fixing things and really get a feel back for the server. As previously stated in the last announcement, Beta week is going from today till the 21st (Friday). During this Beta week you'll see many things change and many bugs fixed. We'll be adding more things to the server and improving on the servers weak points.

    Again, we'll be resetting any bans on anyone that has been banned from last season (not including people that have been blacklisted) and giving back donor ranks/items to players that have purchased it or has received it via vouch, etc. Whitelist has also been turned off so that now you can connect to the server. Season Two Will be starting at the 22nd (Saturday) at 1 PM EST.

    Looking forward to keeping all of you updated, and enjoy the server.
    Thank you​

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