BETA Week ending, RKO Starting!

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    Hello, all!

    We've had a rough, yet fun start to the season so far. Starting off with amazing support from the community, as well as an extreme amount of bug crushing and extra added features, we have been doing our hardest that we could to make sure everything and anything that was needed would be taken care of!

    Now, as you are probably aware by playing the server has gone through many downhill battles. Whether from crashing to losing many core features randomly for about a minute, we have gone through it and fixed it all! With this being said, we will have a 1-day lockdown ( whitelist ) that will be in effect until 07/01/2017; 1 PM EST. Along with this, the hub server will be un-whitelisted about 30minutes to an hour prior to release. In the 1-day time that the server will be down, there will be a final bug squashing to get rid of almost all problems on the server.

    (MCMMO, Balance, and Faction)Top information & prizes

    This being said, we can't forget the prizes that were announced for FTop, Balance top as well as MCMMO top! These prizes will be gifted to you after being contacted shortly! Users that participated in our BETA Week and scored prizes by being number 1 will be listed below!

    Faction [Gonslaves] Top 1: $125 Buycraft voucher
    Faction [420] Top 2: $75 Buycraft voucher
    Faction [911] Top 3: $35 Buycraft voucher
    Balance Top 1: 'ImAnvy' $25 Buycraft voucher
    MCMMO Top (power level): 'MinorLegato' $15 Buycraft voucher

    For non-beta week top prizes, the Keyboard Giveaway Prize, as well as the $500 USD FTop giveaway still stands open.

    Discord Giveaway
    All users in our Discord will automatically be entered for a chance to win two of our highest ranks; Valiant & Epic. The ranks in this giveaway can be found here!

    Giveaway Information & Rules​
    -Giveaway Drawing occurs July 4th
    -Staff may and will not be entered in the giveaway
    -Winners will be PM'ed who won
    -Only requirement: Be in the Discord, and be active :)

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Extra Reset Information

    With this release, it holds a total and complete reset of the server. All balances, homes and most in-game items will be reset to default, as when you first logged onto the server. - The only thing not being reset is the in-game ranks you bought from the store. If you do have any troubles with not having your ranks, however, please make sure to contact me directly via PM on the forums or discord!

    The season, as already previously stated in many other releases and in-game, will last for 2 months. The season will stay the whole time in which the Voting Top raffle is active to allow players to participate.

    For an exact release data/timer, please click here!

    Bugs squashed

    Over the time of this week, as well as whitelisted day, we have completed an extreme amount of different bugs that have been lurking since the start of the week. Some of the more important bugs that have been fixed will be listed:

    • Borders & Faction Claims
      • All issues involving Borders and Faction claims have been resolved. Whether it is being from the borders not 100% working, thus letting players the ability to get out of the border, or players not being able to place in their own claim; it's been fixed.
    • Scoreboard & Other lists
      • Our scoreboard, as well as all lists like /staff have been fixed. If it's from the scoreboard not being up-to-date and accurate, or not showing up, it has been fixed. This includes lists such as /staff which previously didn't show the correct link or prefix.
    • Store Purchases
      • With the many previous bugs revolving around the online store, we have finally fixed them all! This includes missing packages, to users not getting their purchased goods.
    • KoTH's
      • As seen in the first 3 days of release, KoTH's didn't work. Between it not registering that players were standing in it and capping, to it just not working and saying announcements in chat at all, it has been all fixed.
    • Permissions & Ranks
      • All issues with permissions for members as well as missing features for ranks have been addressed and fixed. Things such as ranks not having or missing correct features, or just overall broken things with ranks and permissions have been completely fixed!
    Many other bugs have been fixed, just not listed. I can assure you that many, many other bugs were fixed!

    On the other hand, make sure to have an amazing time on release tomorrow! Hopefully I see you there!
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    Still waiting for raiding rules...
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