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    Greetings all!

    It's time, and we are ready to release! After hours and hours of work non-stop, we have finished an amazing server! We have pushed to provide custom plugins, features, experiences and more! All staff has been trying their hardest to give all players the best time they could have playing, and personally, I think that we have done it!

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Now, I think it is the time that we get into the release!

    What time does the server release?
    The server officially releases its Factions gamemode @ Sunday, 2 pm EST! Along with this, you will be able to join the hub before the release to talk with the community and maybe make some factions recruits while you are there! To see a timer for release, click here!

    Server Trailer
    Before we go into detail on the server, showing you all it's amazing features, plugins and more, we thought that we may just show you our trailer to start it all off :)

    Raiding & Season length
    This amazing season will be planned to last for about 2 months, possibly a bit more for the keyboard giveaway to end. On the other hand, raiding will be open a week after the release of the server.

    What does the server have to offer?
    With the release of RKO, you should be expecting a lot. As already stated, the staff team has been working non-stop each day since the Network has been announced. With that in mind, we have been able to bring a huge verity of different features, experiences, and overall fun! With cannon's, custom enchantments and more, we know you'll have fun! As I'm sure you want to know some of the things that RKO 1.0 will bring, I will give you a little list. But the rest you will have to experience on the server ;)

    —Custom Enchantments:
    We don't have one of your normal, typical custom enchantments plugins. We have custom enchantments, with features that are completely new! These can all be accessed in-game by doing the command '/enchanter'! If you would like to see a list of the enchantments along with what they do, and what tier they are, click the spoiler below!
    *Note* All enchantments are ordered by 4 tiers going from worst, to best: Elder, Ancient, Reversed and Legendary.
    ————— Custom Enchantments List —————
    —— Elder Enchantments ——
    Toxic - Poisons all enemies in your way
    Amphibious - Gives you permanent water breathing
    Furnace - Auto-smelts ores after being mined
    Exile - Adds extra knockback to an opponent, up to 2 blocks per level
    Haste - Gives you permanent haste
    Nocturnal - Give you permanent Night Vision
    Thickened - Tools have a chance to regain durability when used
    —— Ancient Enchantments ——
    Blastproof - Become immune to TNT
    Naturist - Spawns wolves after hitting enemies *woof*
    Plagued - Spawns supercharged creepers to attack enemies when at low health
    Medic - Increases damage done to you while healing your team slowly. *Healing only works if you are hitting or doing damage to others*
    Chainmail - Gives you permanent resistance
    Charged - Chance to smite opponents on hit
    Charmed - Chance to inflict weakness to opponents on hit
    Epic - Deals bonus damage when opponent is above 4 HP
    Execution - Deals bonus damage when opponent is below 4 HP
    Hellspawn - Sets enemies on fire when hit
    Heroic - Players take less damage when holding a sword
    Infernal - Gives players permeant fire resistance
    Martydom - Spawns lit TNT at location where the player(s) who killed you are
    Saturated - Gives players permeant saturation
    Scholar - Gives players move experience
    Trueshot - Increases damage against opponents when using a bow
    —— Reversed Enchantments ——
    Immune - Immunity to Weakness, Poison & Wither
    Void - Chance to remove a Custom Enchantment from another enemy while hitting them
    Tipped - Inflicts Poison to enemies when shot with arrows
    Clarity - Blindness Immunity
    Baited - Arrows have a chance to spawn silverfish on impact
    Blinding - Attacks cause blinding on attack
    Brisk - Chance to strike twice per hit
    Guardian Angle - Chance to spawn a friendly iron golem when hit
    Heavy - Reduces damage taken while slowing down your movement speed by 5%
    Longsword - Deals increased damage to players if they are holding a bow
    Nimble - Chance to dodge opponents attacks
    Silk - Take less damage from bows
    Weighted - Gives strength 2, with a side-effect of mining fatigue.
    —— Legendary Enchantments ——
    Divine grace - If you are low on health, you have a chance to be flown into the air to slowly recover/escape the battle
    Camouflage - Gives invisibility until put into combat
    Agility - Gives speed based on level
    Boosted - Gives bonus hearts
    Conviction - More experience gained per level
    Slayer - Chance to double mob drops based on level
    ————— Have fun with them :) —————

    —KoTH's, Spawn and Custom Worlds: We are very happy to talk about our KoTH's, Spawn and Custom worlds! Here I will go full-depth into each one, explaining all the in's and out's of each.
    • Custom Worlds: We have setup 3 custom worlds for you all to explore! Among these three worlds, we have a completely custom Warzone along with a flat End & Nether. Check them out in the spoilers below!
    With an epic warzone themed around fantasy, we are almost certain that you will find yourself in battle after battle, fighting to the top in the warzone. With things like Giant Mushrooms, designs in hills and more! Pictures: [​IMG]
    With different sized flat warzones, complete with amazing looking spawns, you can battle to the death and build up your factions! *Note - the End & Nether will open on release* Pictures:
    Custom End:
    Custom Nether:
    • KoTH's: We have 2 beautifully built and setup KoTH's! Ready for you to come and fend off, claiming the top, and best rewards from your enemies and you try battling them off in an extreme battle! Check the spoiler to see them!
    With amazing KoTH's, built only by the top tier builders, we know you will be there battle after battle, fighting to claim all KoTH rewards and sweep the Factions Top reward for anyone in your way! Pictures:
    Red KoTH:
    Swing KoTH:
    • Spawn: Our spawn is huge! Complete with all needed items and features that a factions spawn should have. With a lot of space, very good looks, high-detail everything, and more, it's sure to make the release 10x better! Click the spoiler to see pictures of the spawn!

    —Gen Buckets, VoidChests & Factions Panel: As we're not your typical server, with normal plugins, not many custom features and such, we strive for only the best. We don't have those normal, bad plugins. We have many custom plugins, like Gen Buckets, VoidChests and our Factions Panel! Here, we'll explain them to you!
    • Gen Buckets: Gen buckets is a custom made plugin by our amazing developers, grants players the ability to do the in-game command '/gen'. This allows you to do an easy-access gen bucket, shown here: [​IMG]
    • VoidChests: VoidChests is an extremely cool feature, also being made by our devs, it's an extremely useful command/feature that you can heavily use to your advantage. In short, it's a command granting players the ability to sell all items in the chest instantly. This is be done by purchasing it on the online store. The in-game chest is as shown here: [​IMG]
    • Factions Panel: Finally, we have the Factions Panel! By doing the in-game command '/Panel' you are able to see a spectacular panel, once again made by our amazing devs, that allows you to see all factions data, such as: Basic Factions Information ( The Leader, Power and Factions Desc ), A Factions Guide, your role in the faction ( Role, Title & Chat Tag ), Amount of Claims, Chat Settings, to change from ally, fac and main chat through the GUI, Total & online members, fac home tp option & cords, then finally, an option to leave your factions from the GUI. -- This all is shown here: [​IMG]
    —Shop GUI & Shockwave Pickaxes: What faction server could be complete without a Shockwave Pick & a Shop GUI? None. Just none. Because of this, we're introducing a new Shop GUI, as well as a Shockwave Pickaxe. Open the spoilers below to find out more! *Prices are included*

    The Shop accessible from the in-game command '/shop'. This shop includes everything and anything that you need. From a spawner shop to a farming shop there's everything. Look below to see what you can get: [​IMG]
    Shop prices vary from each item, depending on how useful or rare the item is, you may need to farm up some cash to purchase your needed items. Here, I will list out most items prices that are essential to factions. And non-needed, or not as essential items will not be listed, although you can check out item prices in-game upon release!
    —Spawner Prices
    Villager - $10,000,000
    Magma Cube - $5,000,000
    Mushroom Cow - $3,500,000
    Iron Golem - $2,500,000
    Creeper - $1,000,000
    Blaze - $450,000
    Witch - $200,000
    Skeleton - $55,000
    Zombie - $50,000
    Spider - $35,000
    Cow - $10,000
    Pig - $10,000
    Sheep - $10,000
    Chicken - $5,000
    64 Obsidian:
    -Buy: $950
    -Sell: $350
    64 Sponge:
    -Buy: $5,000
    64 Glowstone:
    -Buy: $450
    -Sell: $160
    -Buy: $6,000
    Golden Enchanted Gapples:
    -Buy: 5,000

    The Shockwave Pick is a Pick that's been around for a while, however, any factions server can't be without it. This Pick grants users the ability to get a Golden Pick, with Efficiency V & a 5x5 Mining area which makes it extremely useful when creating, or raiding other people's bases! This item is only obtainable by either the RKO Crate in-game or by purchasing it from the online store or by clicking here! To see what the shockwave looks like, look below:
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
    I can't wait to see ALL of you on the server, it's going to be amazing! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the server, or release, feel free to PM me :)

    Have an amazing time on the RKO Network,

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    RKO Network Server IP:
    RKO Network Store:
    RKO Network Twitter @
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    Now this looks dope, wasn't expecting this.
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    Did I not tell you on MCM ;)
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    Finally, a server with owners that think. I'm looking forward to playing on here.

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