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    Good evening players of RKO Network, we're proud to announce after all the troubles we will be shifting our gears into, yes, the long awaited Season 2! Exciting stuff huh? Now, to make sure everything goes smoothly and accordingly we will be hitting into another Beta Week. Starting officially on the 17th we will be working to kick off season two will all the bad bugs all clear for players. Ending on the 21nd we aim to make sure that season two is the most stable, and all those pesky little bugs are gone for good.

    Season two will also commence advertising, from YouTubers ranging 5k to 100k to Anything that will spread this server across the community. Since we'll be in beta week fixing bugs we look forward to Limiting any resets and or backups that might occur, so expect your precious diamonds still there! There will be one more reset prior to Season Two, but top factions/top voters will receive rewards although due to Season One being shortened the rewards Have been limited though will be in full effect season two. Top Faction will receive a voucher and will be privately messaged by the owner to discuss on what that might be.

    Bans have been lifted for the next season although if you are blacklisted you will not be receiving an unban. If you donated, Don't worry at all! You'll be seeing your precious items as well as ranks starting Season Two (the 29th).

    Please understand that this was a learning experience for all of us, and we plan to make season two, bigger, better, greater, and more fantastical! Have an amazing day!​
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