Season Two is Now Out!

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    Good Evening RKO Players!
    I'm proud to announce that as of right now, yes, RIGHT NOW! the whitelist on the server is now off
    and we're ready to kick off everything for, yes, you know it! Season Two! Now, since Season Two there has been some updates, including Quests (Adding More In The Future), Daily Rewards, and many, and I do say, MANY Bug fixes! We hope this launch will be our least buggy and most successful launch we've had this time! A few things to go over.


    First we have, that if you have been banned then you'll be seeing an unban on the server, but if you have been blacklisted or have charged back you will not be seeing an unbanning in your future.


    Secondly all purchased items will be handed back to you, if you didn't receive your purchased item please contact Xyist along with the following details, What did you get: When did you get it: and Proof of purchase: thank you.


    Next we have, if you do encounter a bug, please report it to a staff member and you will most likely receive a prize due to the severity of the bug.

    Faction Top Rewards

    F Top Rewards are as follow,
    $100 PayPal for Top Faction
    $50 PayPal for 2nd Faction
    $50 Buycraft for 3rd Faction

    Buycraft Sale

    There will be a 60% sale in our store for all purchases within a week of the server releasing, that means that $100 item you've been looking forward to will only be $40! Crazy right? Of course there's no actual $100 in game item, but, it's for simplification!

    Raiding will be enabled 8/5/17
    This means that you cannot raid any bases until then, TNT and explosions will be disabled until that date!

    That's all, hopefully the server will go accordingly to everyone, and have a great day!​
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    how long is the season
  3. Airflected

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    Aug 19, 2017
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    probably 1-2 months or even longer , not 100% sure for this

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