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    Hello everyone!

    | Introduction

    My name is Alec, but I typically go by Projecki (which is my IGN). I've been owning servers for some time now, and I've been following Hammer Kingdoms and RKO since they were created. I hope to get to know you all!

    | RKO - What's planned

    I want to return RKO to its roots - the premier factions experience. Factions will be our primary focus heading into the new season. We'll be working on an entirely new setup - new builds, new custom plugins, new features. RKO will once again become the go to place, the factions server you all deserve. I want to hear from you guys, the community, about what you liked and disliked about RKO in the past. I'll be bringing on my own trusted developers to make sure what you guys want becomes a reality!

    | Conclusion

    If you would like to contact me directly, you can do so by joining our discord and throwing me a message:

    There is not an estimated time for our release right now, that will depend on how custom we'd like to make the server, and what you guys want to be added. Please do message me or post on this thread your ideas and likes/dislikes of RKO!



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