The Tournament of power!

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    Are you ready for the battle of your life,
    One Faction will walk away in this all out brawl, will that be yours?

    Hello! I'm Xyist, and after a planning and working on this, I'm proud to announce that on July 9th, 2017 (Sunday) 2 PM to 6 PM
    there will be officially a Tournament of power!
    Here's how it'll go down.
    8 Factions will go out across each other. One Faction Versus another at a time, no battles should take place in the waiting arena. Once one faction and another faction are rightly placed in the arena, there is a short countdown until it’s an all out brawl between them. Once a Faction is taken down, It is disqualified and the winning Faction goes on to fight the next Faction. After a Faction Battle there is a 30 minute Intermission for the next Faction to ready up, if both Factions are ready the intermission will only be 5 minutes. Battles will last however it may take for both factions to finish.


    Only 5 members in each faction, and if you are short on members you can look for players without a faction or your faction isn’t participating. Max is 5, Min is 2. Each Faction will be equipped with brave kit. Under no circumstances is members allowed to use perks by paid ranks or by anything outside given to them to fight. They are allowed to bring at max 5 Golden Apples (Regular, not enchanted) To a fight and if they use them all, they’re allowed to get more during intermission. There may only be 8 Available spots to sign up for the Brawl and your Faction must meet the requirements to join said brawl. Alts are not allowed to be added for more players in a faction. All in game rules apply as well and if caught breaking them even by one player the whole Faction will be disqualified. No Flying. You may bring 3 Potions only if they are (Fire Resistance, Instant Health Only I, Strength Only I, Instant Damage Only I). Any Items outside of the ones given or allowed will be taken away, If used, will result in a Faction disqualification. Any subbed in Members will be treated as a regular member and when entering the subbed member should be in your Faction. Potions will be cleared once the Faction battle starts. No Custom Enchantments. No Hacking. Admins+ Will not be able to participate. No Bribing for players to leave other factions for your own. No Trash Talk. After using a potion/gapple you are not allowed to refill at all. No bribing Factions to throw matches.
    After a battle is over you are not allowed to switch players.


    Faction must have a balance over 200k showing that they’ve played for a long time. Factions may not be able to participate if Owner has received a Temp-Ban/Ban. Factions may only be added if approved or signed up by the owner or by a trusted member. Factions have to be prepared with players and should have at least 4 players in the faction (doesn’t have to be online, Alts do not count). When you sign up you are not allowed to change your faction name until the event is over. Only 8 Factions may participate!


    Winner wins a total of 2.5 Million Dollars to their Faction.
    Wins a total of 900k to their Faction
    Kit Valiant for Each Member that fought online at win

    Sign up Template:

    Faction Name:

    Faction Owner:

    Your IGN:

    Faction Members (Max 5):

    Faction Balance:

    Please PM Xyist on Discord (Xyist#5121) with this template to enter the tournament.
    Thank you.
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